John and Dell Murray founded the crushing and gravel business in 1926.  In 1912, John worked as a farmer, water well driller, and also did custom thrashing for farmers.  He had several tractor type steam engines at that time. 
    John and Dell were married in 1918 and had six children.  Jim was the youngest and only one still living till early 2010.
    In 1925, the County of Wellington couldn’t find anyone to put crushed gravel on the county roads so Johnny Young, the county clerk-treasurer, asked John Murray if he would operate the County crusher using his steam engine to drive the crusher.  John operated the County crusher for four months, and then bought the crusher from the County of Wellington.
    In 1926 he started his own gravel and crushing business and, as well, continued farming, well drilling, and custom thrashing for other farmers until the early 1950’s.
    John lived a long life.  He died in October 1994 at the age of 102 years.  The company operated under the name of John E. Murray until 1961.  After that it became John Murray Construction (Moorefield) Ltd. until 1970 when the name was changed to James Murray Construction Ltd.  In 1982 the name changed once again to become The Murray Group Limited.
    The team of employees who manage and operate The Murray Group Limited take great pride in the end results of the company.  The company was started by John E. Murray in 1926, run by his son Jim since 1953 and managed by Jim’s son Steve since 1995. 

Jim Murray started working in the aggregate business in the summer of 1949, and then full time in 1953.  The company had a mobile trailer for cooking and sleeping for the cook and the men.  In 1954-1955 Jim managed as well as cooked for the crew of eight.     In 1956 Jim married Joanne Gilmer and sweet talked her into cooking for the crew and doing book work.  Joan fulfilled these tasks well until her son, Steve, arrived in 1958.  Joan raised and pretty well looked after the four children, Steve, Susan, Heather, and Pam.  Jim and Joan now have seven grandchildren.  Jim passed away in 2010 leaving Steve and his sons to carry on the family business.
    Steve started with the company by helping the night mechanic after school, and since then has worked in every area of the company’s operations.  Steve and his wife Sherri are pleased to see that their sons Brandon,  and Shayne, represent the fourth generation of Murrays to work in the family business. 


The Murray Group Limited